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When are we going to Space? The Future of Commercial Space Travel

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How will we manufacture fasteners on Mars?

Reaching the stars, being an astronaut is something that fascinates all of us. Very few people ever realise that childhood dream though. Despite this, the idea of travelling in space never loses its lustre. Ask almost anyone if they wouldn’t like to visit an Ian M Banks kind of utopian system in the stars and they will say yes. We are fascinated by the infinite void of space and the infinite possibilities that it seems to offer.

6 Exciting Technological Aviation Advancements you should know about

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An A330 wing being built in a factory

Air travel is in a period of change as exciting new aviation advancements place the whole industry is in a state of flux. Things like the advancements of electric propulsion systems, the future of eVTOLs, the digitisation of the supply chain are all contributing to how aeroplanes are built, but just as interesting is how the rapid pace of technological innovation is changing what consumers expect from airlines.

The future of eVTOL and what it could mean for aerospace

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An artists impression of an eVTOL preparing to take off in fornt of a skyscraper

With Uber unveiling their eVTOL plans, we look at how the impact could change how we legislate air space. What does this mean for aviation as we know it?

4 Supply Chain Challenges you Should Know About

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Aircraft ready for takeoff

Changing passenger requirements and emerging technologies are driving an increasingly competitive marketplace. This means that aircraft companies are constantly creating new and improved strategies to help get themselves a bigger share of the aerospace market.

What Will Electric Technologies In The Aerospace Industry Look Like In 5 Years?

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A large commercial aircraft landing

What will electric technologies in the aerospace industry look like in 5 years time? Who is leading the way and who’s falling behind? Find out here!

The Digital Transformation of the Aerospace Supply Chain

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An Airbus A350 XWB in flight

What do we mean by the digital transformation of the aerospace supply chain? And, how can we maximise our opportunities whilst minimising our threats?

How does the Airbus production system work?

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An Airbus A380 soaring through the sky

It’s been in the news a lot recently, for political reasons more than engineering ones, but Airbus genuinely does have one of the most interesting and complex manufacturing operations of any business in the world.

How are we facing key challenges to the aerospace fastener market?

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The Sukhoi SuperJet 100

The global commercial aerospace fasteners is predicted to grow from £4.6 billion to £6.4 billion in the next 3 years; an increase of nearly 40%. So, how are we facing these key challenges to the aerospace fastener market? In the face of multiple challenges, not least the constantly changing nature of the industry, we have risen to these challenges by focusing on our long-standing commercial history and our willingness to innovate and change. The components we create are widely used in both commercial and military aircraft, and more recently we have been playing a wider role in the specification and supply of fasteners to the burgeoning space industry. Across the board, our wide range of fasteners, such as bolts, nuts,

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Is a UK space port coming to town near you?

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a large box-shaped satellite orbiting earth above a storm

In March 2018 the Government passed the UK Space Industry Act. What does this mean for us? Are we about to enter a golden age of British space travel, or this just an attempt to paper over the cracks caused by an impending break with the ESA?

Has air travel really changed for the worst?

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An air hostess in 1959 talking to a female passenger as her husband sits next to her reading the newspaper

With more of us flying than ever before, demand for low-cost airfare has pushed many airlines to look for ever more ambitious ways to save costs and pass them on to the consumer. But has this really led to worse travelling conditions? Many people would say yes, but knowing what we do about commercial airliners, we’re taking a closer look and debunking some of these myths.