A leading UK manufacturer and main distributor of standard and bespoke fasteners for international aerospace and other industries.

We purchase and stock in high volume, and currently hold over 35,000 product lines in our warehouse and bonded store.

Although this represents a considerable investment, holding such large and extensive stocks enables us to benefit our customers by maintaining a competitive price structure and fulfilling orders rapidly.

From our vast stock we can meet your particular needs either by rapidly supplying you off-the-shelf as required, or by implementing one of our personalised value-added delivery schemes:

Scheduled orders

  1. We can guarantee stock availability
  2. Customer to avoid excess inventory
  3. Cost efficiency
  4. Line stop prevention

Lean supply

  1. Maximising efficiency throughout supply chain
  2. Customer avoids multiple suppliers and invoicing
  3. Cost efficiency
  4. Single point of contact


  1. Easy-to-assemble kits
  2. Time and cost saving for the customer
  3. Complete lean approach
  4. Green approach – low wastage