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5 design innovations that made the aerospace industry what it is today

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A black and white image of a vintage propeller aircraft on a runway

As a distributor and manufacturer of aerospace fasteners since 1958, we’ve always been fascinated by the rapid development of our industry. The last 100 years have seen us go from wooden gliders to landing drones on Mars. With that in mind, we’ve picked our top 5 five key innovative advancements that have helped mankind travel faster than the speed of sound and walk on the moon. 1. The Airfoil – Swept Wing It was a German aerodynamicist, Adolf Busemann, researching ways to reduce drag at high speed who came up with this solution. Germany began researching it in 1935 but never managed to complete the research. Instead it was seized after the Second world War by the U.S. Airforce. This

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How are Aerospace Fasteners keeping up with Defence Technology?

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An F-35 Lightening II flies around the airspace of Davis-Monthan Air Force Base on March 5, 2016. The F-35 was participating in Air Combat CommandÕs Heritage Flight Training Course, a program that features modern fighter/attack aircraft flying alongside Word War II, Korean War, and Vietnam War-ear aircraft. (U.S. Air Force photo by Tech. Sgt. Brandon Shapiro)

With defence technology even more susceptible to the influence of technological changes, how are aerospace fasteners keeping up with these rapid changes?

Meeting the Demand for Aerospace Fasteners

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A selection of fasteners

In a rapidly expanding market struggling to meet the travel needs of a growing population, how are we meeting the increasing demand for aerospace fasteners?

The 7 Signs of Supply Chain Meltdown

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A busy airport in action

The supply chain for any business needs to be flexible and well coordinated with great communication throughout. This is especially true in a sector like aerospace and aviation where there are so many players, from various regions across the globe, including large multinationals and fast developing new markets.

How Increased MRO Efficiency is Driving Aftermarket Growth and the Effect on Supply Chain

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Tokyo 2020 airlines to use biofuels

We’ve talked before about the growth of the commercial aerospace marketplace over the last few years. More people want to go places, and with more efficient aeroplanes being developed there are more service suppliers than ever able to offer affordable travel solutions. This has led to steadily expanding fleet sizes for many airlines which has in turn put increasing pressure on manufacturers.

When are we going to Space? The Future of Commercial Space Travel

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How will we manufacture fasteners on Mars?

Reaching the stars, being an astronaut is something that fascinates all of us. Very few people ever realise that childhood dream though. Despite this, the idea of travelling in space never loses its lustre. Ask almost anyone if they wouldn’t like to visit an Ian M Banks kind of utopian system in the stars and they will say yes. We are fascinated by the infinite void of space and the infinite possibilities that it seems to offer.

6 Exciting Technological Aviation Advancements you should know about

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An A330 wing being built in a factory

Air travel is in a period of change as exciting new aviation advancements place the whole industry is in a state of flux. Things like the advancements of electric propulsion systems, the future of eVTOLs, the digitisation of the supply chain are all contributing to how aeroplanes are built, but just as interesting is how the rapid pace of technological innovation is changing what consumers expect from airlines.

The future of eVTOL and what it could mean for aerospace

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An artists impression of an eVTOL preparing to take off in fornt of a skyscraper

With Uber unveiling their eVTOL plans, we look at how the impact could change how we legislate air space. What does this mean for aviation as we know it?

4 Supply Chain Challenges you Should Know About

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Aircraft ready for takeoff

Changing passenger requirements and emerging technologies are driving an increasingly competitive marketplace. This means that aircraft companies are constantly creating new and improved strategies to help get themselves a bigger share of the aerospace market.

What Will Electric Technologies In The Aerospace Industry Look Like In 5 Years?

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A large commercial aircraft landing

What will electric technologies in the aerospace industry look like in 5 years time? Who is leading the way and who’s falling behind? Find out here!