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The ‘Rise of the Drones’ continues to worry the aviation industry

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A drone in your garden

News: Why drones are becoming an increasing worry for the global aviation industry, as near misses continue to be reported around some of the world’s busiest airports

Aerospace fasteners; a guide to interior terminology

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A selection of fasteners

A quick and easy guide to some of the everyday terminology used when discussing interior use aerospace fasteners. Full stock card also available .

Just how close are we to VTOL commuting?

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VTOL Commuting

The idea of ‘quadcopters’ taking off from London’s tallest buildings really doesn’t seem like a very far step from where we are today.

Report finds flying to be five times safer than it was 20 years ago

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A 1990's British Airways Boeing 767-2B7ER;

A new report states that flying is now as much as five times safer than it was 20 years ago, but is the perception of safety the real issue with today’s travellers?

How the supply chain supports tough aviation emissions targets in 2017

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The Sukhoi SuperJet 100

How can the aerospace supply chain support the industry in its attempts to hit tough sustainability targets over the next 5 years?

Is a new age of hypersonic air travel on the horizon in 2017?

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An example of what hypersonic airtravel might look like

Travelling from London to New York in under 30 minutes might sound like science fiction but thanks to hypersonic air travel, it’s closer than you think…

Understanding the fundamentals of aircraft fasteners

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A selection of typical fasteners

Find out how these tiny nuts, bolts and screws are some of the toughest, lightest and best performing pieces of micro-engineering on the plant.

SC21 Silver Award targeted for 2019

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The prestigious SC21 Industry Bronze Award given to JP Aero

SC21 is hugely important to the aerospace industry as it provides the industry with a single strategic programme to improve performance. Lean more…

How aeroplanes are made; a behind the scenes look at an everyday miracle

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An Airbus 360 on the runway

Find out how aeroplanes are made and take a quick look behind the scenes at the everyday miraculous.

Aircraft manufacturers showing no signs of Brexit slowdown

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Aircraft ready for takeoff

With all the doom and gloom surrounding certain sectors after the Referendum vote, it is encouraging to see aerospace continuing to perform so well. Regardless of whether we are in the EU or not, one thing for certain is that more and more people will continue to want to fly and demand to meet these needs will keep soaring. How do we know this? Well, we’re far too busy manufacturing and selling aircraft fasteners to spend too much time with our noses buried in the FT, but we did notice some tell-tale signs in the world of steel this week. The price of steel has risen 61% since last December to $616 a ton, and it seems that the strength

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