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Queen of the Skies’ reign draws to a close

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A Boeing 747

For almost 50 years, the 747, known affectionately as the Queen of the Skies, has been gracing the heavens with it’s distinctive ‘hump’ shape, giving rise to the much-loved term ‘jumbo jet’.

Longstanding customer FSL Aerospace award us Silver Certificate & Trophy for our 2017 performance

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JPAero and FSLA Silver Award 2017

We are delighted to have been awarded a silver certificate and trophy by one our long-standing clients FSL Aerospace Ltd. for our work in 2017

How close are we to pilotless air travel?

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A pilotless flightdeck

We’ve all heard about driverless technology in the road haulage industry, but perhaps more interestingly, we could be about to witness the same revolution in our skies.

The first ever UK aerospace fastener suppliers to achieve BSI REV B standard!

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We are delighted to announce that we are the first UK aerospace fasteners company to be awarded the demanding REV B standard by BSI. It’s the latest aerospace distribution standard by BSI to AS9120 REV B, which is far more challenging to achieve than the old REV A.

How does the aerospace sector drive fastener development?

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A Beech YC-43 assembly line

What is it that pushes us to consistently manufacture better and more innovative aerospace fasteners? The answer to this question lies in the history of industrial fastener production here in the UK and how it has changed over the years to leave Great Britain a pioneer of fastener development.

Massive change is afoot; but how realistic are renewable fuels for aviation?

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Looking up at clear blue skies through fresh wheat fields

News this month that Volvo intends to make its entire range of cars electric from 2019 may have come as a bit of a shock. It feels like we’ve spent so long talking about fossil fuel alternatives in the context of something that will happen in the future, to suddenly have one of the world’s biggest car manufacturers announce “hey, it’s here!” makes it feel slightly surprising.

New Space Industry Bill aims to make UK ‘most attractive place in Europe for commercial launch’

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Industrialised space exploration

What’s does Space Industry Bill mean for the aerospace sector and how is it going to change the industry as a whole. Out take on an exciting week!

The ‘Rise of the Drones’ continues to worry the aviation industry

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A drone in your garden

News: Why drones are becoming an increasing worry for the global aviation industry, as near misses continue to be reported around some of the world’s busiest airports

Aerospace fasteners; a guide to interior terminology

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A selection of fasteners

A quick and easy guide to some of the everyday terminology used when discussing interior use aerospace fasteners. Full stock card also available .

Just how close are we to VTOL commuting?

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An artists impression of an eVTOL preparing to take off in fornt of a skyscraper

The idea of ‘quadcopters’ taking off from London’s tallest buildings really doesn’t seem like a very far step from where we are today.