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3 Ways Simulation is Advancing the Aerospace Industry

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In this article, we take a look at 3 very different ways that simulation is having a major impact on the aerospace industry and is likely to have an even greater impact as time and technology progress.

The Top 5 Aerospace Developments In 2020

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Our focus, as it has been since the Wright brothers first proved flight was possible, is to build the best aircraft. What this means in today’s world though is a little different to what was imagined over a hundred years ago. In this article, we’re taking a look at 5 key trends that have evolved over the last few years that are likely to play pivotal roles in how our industry develops in 2020 and beyond.

The Silver Spitfire takes to the skies for a truly global expedition

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There are rarely events that truly make our fingers tingle, but this, dare we say, is one. And the best part is, thanks to our aerospace fasteners, we can say that we’ve had the privilege of playing our part in the very nuts and bolts of the enterprise. In a daring project that brings to light the beautiful and elegant design of one of our all-time favourite aircrafts. Two pioneering aviators, Matt Jones and Steve Brooks, along with their dedicated support team, are attempting to fly their Silver Spitfire around the globe. Their tour will take them to some of the earth’s most impressive landmarks. From the Grand Canyon in the Arizona desert, to Mount Fuji in the East. Taking

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How Increased MRO Efficiency is Driving Aftermarket Growth and the Effect on Supply Chain

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We’ve talked before about the growth of the commercial aerospace marketplace over the last few years. More people want to go places, and with more efficient aeroplanes being developed there are more service suppliers than ever able to offer affordable travel solutions. This has led to steadily expanding fleet sizes for many airlines which has in turn put increasing pressure on manufacturers.

What Will Electric Technologies In The Aerospace Industry Look Like In 5 Years?

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What will electric technologies in the aerospace industry look like in 5 years time? Who is leading the way and who’s falling behind? Find out here!

Working in the aerospace supply chain

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It’s one of the UK’s most dynamic and fast-paced industries. But what exactly is the aerospace supply chain and what would a career in it look like? We take a detailed look at the changing pace of our industry, from exciting developments in the UK space industry to our core specialism as leading suppliers of aerospace fasteners across commercial aviation and defence.

Longstanding customer FSL Aerospace award us Silver Certificate & Trophy for our 2017 performance

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We are delighted to have been awarded a silver certificate and trophy by one our long-standing clients FSL Aerospace Ltd. for our work in 2017

The first ever UK aerospace fastener suppliers to achieve BSI REV B standard!

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We are delighted to announce that we are the first UK aerospace fasteners company to be awarded the demanding REV B standard by BSI. It’s the latest aerospace distribution standard by BSI to AS9120 REV B, which is far more challenging to achieve than the old REV A.

How does the aerospace sector drive fastener development?

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What is it that pushes us to consistently manufacture better and more innovative aerospace fasteners? The answer to this question lies in the history of industrial fastener production here in the UK and how it has changed over the years to leave Great Britain a pioneer of fastener development.

Massive change is afoot; but how realistic are renewable fuels for aviation?

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News this month that Volvo intends to make its entire range of cars electric from 2019 may have come as a bit of a shock. It feels like we’ve spent so long talking about fossil fuel alternatives in the context of something that will happen in the future, to suddenly have one of the world’s biggest car manufacturers announce “hey, it’s here!” makes it feel slightly surprising.

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