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What are the fundamentals of aircraft fasteners? [2021 Update]

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Find out how these tiny nuts, bolts and screws are some of the toughest, lightest and best performing pieces of micro-engineering on the planet.

The new age of space tourism in statistics

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A roundup of some of the best things happening with space start-ups in the UK right now. Find your UK space start-up info here.

UK Space Start-ups; 7 exciting things happening right here, right now!

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The UK space sector may not be making the news headlines as often as Elon Musk, but this thriving and ambitious industry is punching well above its weight.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the most innovative and exciting things going on in the UK space industry today.

Managing Medical Fastener Supply Chains in Times of Crisis

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Managing the medical fastener supply chain in a time of crisis requires a deep understanding of the pitfalls caused by the sector’s unique strengths and weaknesses. To meet this challenge organisations like ours have prepared to assist in smoothing the operational efficiencies of a constrained supply chain by offering resources to scale manufacturing to fluctuating demand.

UK Space Fastener Suppliers’ Quality Assurance Guide [2021]

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When sourcing for the Aerospace and Defence industry, trusted quality assurance is essential. This is especially true when supplying spacecraft fasteners. Here are the credentials you must see when sourcing new aerospace fastener suppliers

Supplying the defence industry with military grade aerospace fasteners [2021]

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There are a lot of standards and specifications that come with the title of ‘military grade fasteners’ (also known as mil-spec fasteners). Whilst military fasteners, to a large degree, resemble their civilian cousin aerospace fasteners there are a few quintessential differences in the specification of build, design and quality control.

Will hydrogen fuel be the next big aviation disruptor?

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With the aviation industry facing more emissions scrutiny than ever before, can hydrogen really be the answer to our industry emissions problem?

The Definitive Guide to Specifying Aerospace Fasteners (2021 Update)

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Complete guide to specifying aerospace fasteners. Key specifications, performance characteristics and manufacturing materials and techniques all covered in detailed.

Aerospace Fastener Terminology

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In this blog, we are highlighting the main terms used when describing interior aerospace fasteners. These make up the bulk of the terminology and should help aerospace engineering students or anyone new to the industry to better understand some of the main parts we use every day.

Beyond Covid-19, is hydrogen powered aviation about to take off?

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The global pandemic and subsequent travel restrictions have hit aerospace hard, with many of us expecting the aviation industry to never quite look the same again. But out of this crisis, are we about to witness the birth of a new and – dare we say, ‘positive’? – development that changes the way aircraft are designed and built? The truth is that commercial aviation was in flux before the COVID-19 pandemic. An insatiable demand for cheap flights had created a difficult model, one that many airlines struggled with. Airlines were operating on such fine margins that many we literally flying on fumes. Whilst one or two managed to make the system work to their advantage, the rest just couldn’t keep

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