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UK Spaceports Will Generate £3.6 Billion Over Next Decade

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As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of mission critical aerospace fasteners to the space industry we are extremely excited about plans to build three new spaceports right here in the UK. Activity has been growing at pace since the passing of the Space Industry Act 2018, and the ambition is to now claim at least 10% of the global space market by 2030.

Space fastener manufacturing precision; what happens when things go wrong?

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When it comes to space fastener manufacturing even the smallest of fault in a single part can and has had extremely expensive and even fatal repercussions. With such high stakes it is vital that parts are manufactured according to strict specifications and in accordance with guidelines established by governing bodies to reduce the potential for failed launches.

Space Engineering; the Extreme Operational Requirements of Spacecraft Fasteners

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In the world of astronautics and space engineering there are many challenges. These also apply when manufacturing fasteners for the space industry. Satellite and spacecraft fasteners must perform in incredibly stressful environments, yet they also need to be lightweight and highly corrosion-resistant. And because of the unique nature of developing and building spacecraft, many of these parts need to be specially made to outlined specifications.

Key Strategies for Managing Aerospace Supply Chain Disruptions

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Aerospace supply chain disruptions come in many guises. With a supply chain spanning continents, there’s a huge number of things that could go wrong.

3 Ways Simulation is Advancing the Aerospace Industry

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In this article, we take a look at 3 very different ways that simulation is having a major impact on the aerospace industry and is likely to have an even greater impact as time and technology progress.

The Top 5 Aerospace Developments In 2020

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Our focus, as it has been since the Wright brothers first proved flight was possible, is to build the best aircraft. What this means in today’s world though is a little different to what was imagined over a hundred years ago. In this article, we’re taking a look at 5 key trends that have evolved over the last few years that are likely to play pivotal roles in how our industry develops in 2020 and beyond.

The Silver Spitfire Returns: Part II

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On the 5th of December, the Silver Spitfire was escorted by two red arrows, back home to England in triumph. It had completed its astounding challenge. The 1943 Mk.9 Spitfire was piloted over 22,000 nautical miles on the Longest Flight expedition, circumnavigating the globe over a three-month period.

The importance of historic fasteners in a fast-developing aerospace industry

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Historic aircraft are our passion! We’ve recently worked on several projects sourcing historic fasteners for high profile classic aircraft refurbishments

Cyber security in the military supply chain

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When it comes to the military supply chain, data security becomes a matter of national security. So how do we ensure we stay 100% compliant?

The Silver Spitfire takes to the skies for a truly global expedition

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There are rarely events that truly make our fingers tingle, but this, dare we say, is one. And the best part is, thanks to our aerospace fasteners, we can say that we’ve had the privilege of playing our part in the very nuts and bolts of the enterprise. In a daring project that brings to light the beautiful and elegant design of one of our all-time favourite aircrafts. Two pioneering aviators, Matt Jones and Steve Brooks, along with their dedicated support team, are attempting to fly their Silver Spitfire around the globe. Their tour will take them to some of the earth’s most impressive landmarks. From the Grand Canyon in the Arizona desert, to Mount Fuji in the East. Taking

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