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A selection of fasteners

When you look at any aircraft you don’t really think about the nuts and bolts. You look at it and see vast turbine engines. You see a glistening metal shell and wonder just what madness inspired mankind to propel themselves 35,000 feet above the ground at 555 mph.

However, what most people don’t think about when they see a Boeing 747-800, for example, is that they are looking at some 6,000,000 individually precision crafted pieces.

Of which over half are aerospace fasteners.

It’s unsurprising then that with the healthy growth of the Aerospace industry over last few years, that the forecasted CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of the fasteners sector is predicted at a strong 3.9%.

The demand however, isn’t for just any old rivet. For the continuing development of ever more fuel-efficient and lightweight aircraft, there is a huge demand for precision made, technologically sound, lightweight, and high-performance fasteners.

Innovations in research and development for lightweight and high performance aerospace fasteners will drive this market in the coming years.

Meeting the demand for marketplace growth

Currently, the two major commercial aircraft manufacturers, Airbus and Boeing, literally cannot build aircraft quickly enough: despite ramping up output by a combined 41% since 2010, the companies are still sitting on a nine-year backlog.

Too much business may sound like good news, but scaling up production capacity of their complex and highly regulated supply chains, which span the entire globe, is no easy feat.

Indeed, the industry has historically struggled with this problem in the past .

20 years ago, Boeing attempted valiantly to double aircraft deliveries over an 18-month period. The result though was fairly catastrophic, they broke the production system.

Their Factories stood idle until the mess was sorted out, and an embarrassed Boeing reported a massive $2.6bn forward loss.

For suppliers the stakes aren’t quite so high, and the situations aren’t quite so complex. Boeing is assembling billions of parts a year from numerous suppliers to create hundreds of aircraft.

However, facilitating the growing demand requires a deft logistical touch, as well as proven scalable operations. Things that comes with experience.

About JPAero

The Aerospace Industry demands high-tech solutions to offer the highest quality products. JPAero has been supplying aerospace fasteners to the industry since 1958. That’s more than 50 years in the business.

Our unmatched product knowledge and in-depth understanding of the needs of the industry make us your ideal partner. Whether you are looking for bespoke, supply-chain or vintage and historic fasteners, we have the stock, the suppliers and the expertise to ensure rapid and efficient delivery anywhere in the world.

How to meet demand for Aerospace Fasteners

  • Offering technological solutions to the demand for innovative, lightweight, high-performance fasteners
  • Every part of an aircraft is becoming more technologically advanced over time. Being able to offer well-designed innovative solutions may well offer the key to efficient assemblies and lightweight solutions.

  • Consistent delivery of orders
  • Late or inconsistent deliveries can disrupt the whole supply chain leading to increased production costs for both client and supplier.

  • Flexibility of scale
  • Being able to scale up and down operations is quintessential when it comes to meeting demand in any industry.

  • International network
  • Having an international network means global access to suppliers and resources which increases scalability.

  • Customer-focused service

Our obsession with quality and service has enabled us to build an enviable client base that includes many of the world’s most discerning and demanding organisations. We set out to be the best when our company was established in 1958, and maintaining exemplary standards is our objective today.

After over 50 years in the game we have a comprehensive market presence. Known to be reliable, high quality suppliers.

When it comes to supplying the aerospace industry with fasteners we are well equipped and greatly experienced.

For any questions, get in contact today.