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The undercarriage of a commercial aircraft

It’s one of the UK’s most dynamic and fast-paced industries. But what exactly is the aerospace supply chain and what would a career in it look like?

We take a detailed look at the changing pace of our industry, from exciting developments in the UK space industry to our core specialism as leading suppliers of aerospace fasteners across commercial aviation and defence.

Next month we are celebrating National Science and Engineering Week, so what better time to take a look at careers in the aerospace supply chain.

Whether you enjoy solving technical challenges or being creative and innovative, the aerospace sector opens up opportunities in a range of industries from automotive to finance, sales and IT.

In our sector, supplying aerospace fasteners comes with a wide range of challenges and opportunities.

We carry high volume stocks that are shipped around the world at a moment’s notice. With over 35,000 lines and a whole range of made-to-order, bespoke fasteners, an ability to grasp detail and a passion for aviation are a must.

Being excited about working in a fast-paced and constantly evolving industry goes without saying.

What does the future in aerospace look like?

Change, as they say, is the one constant. And no-where is that more applicable than in the aerospace sector.

We are living through some of the most exciting innovations in commercial aviation since mass air travel began, back in the 1950s.

Every time a new innovation gets approved it stimulates demand for new fastener products and we need to adapt and respond to out clients’ needs.

The environment is a huge issue facing the industry, so factors like bio-fuels and other jet-fuel alternatives will change how aircraft are built. Reducing weight, and increasing efficiency are paramount, so R&D is a key part of aerospace fastener supply chain.

Another big development on the horizon is the rise of pilotless aircraft. This is a lot closer than many people realise, so expect some big changes to cockpit construction techniques in the years ahead.

Space, no longer the final frontier

A huge growth industry in the UK over the coming year will be in the space sector.

Last year the British Government announced plans for a Space Industry Bill along with a goal of having UK space ports operational as soon as 2020.

It reflects the huge commercial opportunities in an industry that is expected to grow by £25billion over the coming years.

This is an exciting time to be in the world of aerospace, and we expect space travel to play a bigger and bigger role in the years ahead.

Safety and compliance

This is another critical area for any company involved on the supply-side of the aerospace industry.

We take part in some of the most challenging and demanding quality assurance programmes, such as the SC21 Programme.

We currently have our Bronze Award and are targeting Silver in 2019. That should give you some idea as to how demanding these programmes can be.

Founded ten years ago by SBAC (Society of British Aerospace Companies), SC21 is backed by HM Government and proved a universal strategic programme to improve performance throughout the British aerospace sector.

We believe that being part of the SC21 programme gives our customers the reassurance that we are an organisation committed to the very highest standards and can be trusted to supply only the very highest quality fasteners across our core sectors such as aviation, defence, space exploration, oil & gas, nuclear, medical, petrochemical, microelectronics, marine or rail.

If you are interested in our sector we’d advise you to visit their website and find out more about them and what they expect.

Last year we also became the first UK aerospace fastener suppliers to be awarded the demanding REV B standard by BSI.

It’s the latest aerospace distribution standard by BSI to AS9120 REV B, which is far more challenging to achieve than the old REV A.

It’s all about passion

When all said and done, the ultimate requirement for anyone in our sector is a genuine passion for things that fly!

It’s a great industry to be in and one we’ve been proud to be part of since 1958.

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